KIMSU Charity in the Orphanage

Every year our dedicated members organise fundraising charity events such as the bake sale and food festival – giving our students delicious treats and raising some much needed money.

Despite the hard work involved, it’s made more than worthwhile when you see the pure smiles and hear the carefree laughter of the children at the orphanage.

On 11 December, we paid a visit to the „Lopšelis“ Orphanage with a special guest to deliver some urgently delivered supplies. In the Santa’s sack, there were more than 600 diapers, baby wipes, Q-tips, toilet paper, kitchen roll, baby shampoo and shower gel, baby lotion, children’s toothbrushes and toothpaste, all of which are essential to the orphanage.

Many students came and brought presents of colouring books, pencils and toys and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon playing with the children as they unwrapped their gifts with a glowing joy in their eyes.

Loreta Alesiūnaitė, Nuria Wülfinghoff and I had a wonderful experience being organisers, being witness to the reaction on a shop keeper’s face as we cleared out the stock of diapers with the money we raised. About 1300 Lt were raised thanks to the generous donations of our students.


Helene Tonner