International Medical Students' General Assembly in Malta 2016

This year the 65th March Meeting for IFMSA took place in Malta where there were more than 1300 medical students from all over the world.Over the period of 5 days we had various sessions interacting with all these students and getting to know the different backgrounds each participant was from. There were various sessions on Standing committees such at SCOPE, SCORE , SCOPH , SCORP, SCOME, SCORA where each of the different topics were discussed such as Public Health issues , Human rights and peace in the world , Medical education all around the world, Reproductive health issues and AIDS and Professional and research exchanges. There were various fairs like activities fair where each county’s Students’ Association presented their own unique activities that they are doing in their country and which could be implemented in other countries. Also took place the exchanges fair where every NMO presented their Universities. Every university student presented their university with all different kind of ways , some distributed invitation booklets , some distributed some souvenirs and also brochures of the universities which was a good help to get to know different universities of the world also to advertise our university to the Medical Students of the world. Students were quite interested in the international exchanges and summer exchanges taking place in the university and it was a good fair to introduce to every student our university programs and ERASMUS programs.

During the plenaries there were a lot of discussion related to the acceptance of various Amendments to the policies that IFMSA would take up and follow for the next years and these healthcare policies were drafted with the minds of all the 1300 medical students , thus in conclusion I would say we had very many fruitful discussions and thought processes.

SCORP Session


During the SCORP (Standing Committee of Human Rights and Peace) Sessions the participants were introduced to the International Team and the International Projects that are currently.
There was an external Representation and we were given information of Terrorism and peace and how the current world’s racism is affecting the terrorism.
There occurred some discussions on future policies that IFMSA will take up and follow , also there was a theme event which was well facilitated , and it gave us information on how the today’s Medical students can contribute in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals, which is one of the most interesting and the most intriguing work, because we as medical students can do much more than we think to change the way the world will live in a decade.


One of the main discussions in the European Regions was the issue of Migration.we discovered the implications of Migration on individual’s mental and physical wellbeing. We discussed a whole lot of problems based on Torture , be it mental or physical , , it is a violation of human rights.We have talked about the legal and international implications of Torture , and what steps can be taken to educate the youth and thus take a step in stopping them.


To attain the SDGs we had a powerful discussion on Gender Violence and Gender Inequality and the steps to empower the minority in each country and what we as medical students can do at local levels to start something basic to attain this worldwide goal.

We also had SCORP activities fair , where we as LiMSA presented our upcoming International SCORP Camp which would be in August 2016 where there will be more than 100 Medical students from all around the world who are interested in Human Rights and peace coming to Lithuania to spend 7 days of their summer relaxing in the Lithuanian Nature as well as learn and discuss a lot about Human Rights and peace in the current world situation.