First visit to Israel in 2015 - numerous persons willing to study at LSMU

The team of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) organised the first entrance exam to LSMU in Israel. A total of 17 students were accepted to study at our University. Three of them chose to study Veterinary Medicine, one chose Odontology, and the rest chose to study Medicine.

The programmes offered by LSMU were presented in two international conferences of higher education; around 350 people interested in studying abroad attended the conferences. Prof. Žilvinas Padaiga, dean of the International Relations and Marketing Centre, was invited for an interview that was shown on Israeli national television. The presentations in the conferences were delivered by Prof. Žilvinas Padaiga as well as Mrs. Justina Vonžodienė and Mrs. Evelina Mačiulskienė, the coordinators of international programmes. Philip Perlov, the LSMU graduate, and Mrs. Larisa Chornyj, the mother of the current first-year medical student, also took part in the conferences. During the education fair, the university’s representatives captured the attention of many potential students and their parents. Those who were interested learned more about the daily life of students and the quality of the subjects taught at LSMU.

The LSMU representative office in Tel Aviv welcomed potential students. The team from the International Relations and Marketing Centre also consulted the parents of Israeli students currently studying in Lithuania, who wanted to discuss academic matters regarding their children’s studies

Prof. Kęstutis Petrikonis, dean of the Postgraduate Studies Centre, along with Prof. Žilvinas Padaiga coordinated clinical practice placements in various Israeli hospitals for students from the Faculty of Medicine in LSMU: Hadassah Medical Organization, Rabin Medical Centre, and Edith Wolfson Medical Centre. Prof. Lina Basel Vanagaite from the Shneider Children’s Medical Centre agreed to give lectures on genetics at LSMU.

Cooperation contracts were signed with three new agencies, with an emphasis placed on LSMU interest to attract students to the programme of veterinary medicine taught in English.

Prof. Žilvinas Padaiga and Mrs. Evelina Mačiulskienė had a meeting with Izrailas Pasvaleckas, the graduate of the Veterinary Academy. During the meeting, the possibility of promoting the veterinary medicine programme in Israel was discussed as well as details regarding meeting the Israeli graduates in 2016.

We are pleased with the success of the first visit to Tel Aviv. The results of this visit will help us identify new guidelines for the development of our ongoing cooperation with Israel.