First Ambassadors’ Certificates Given to LSMU Ambassador Programme Participants

The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) Ambassador Programme seeks to involve international students into a voluntary activity aiming at promotion of LSMU abroad. While implementing the Programme, the LSMU International Relations and Study Centre (TRSC) selected 19 international students from 12 countries in autumn 2016. They became first LSMU Ambassadors.

The LSMU Ambassador’s functions:

- To consult those who are interested in studies at the LSMU and share their experience in studies and life in Lithuania.

- To participate in the University’s Open Days together with the University’s representatives.

- To participate in the LSMU Ambassadors’ meetings every two months.

The first Ambassadors’ meeting has recently taken place. During the meeting, the University activities related with international students’ studies were discussed as well as the Ambassadors’ activities and their implementation order was presented. The Ambassadors’ expectations were considered and personal Ambassadors’ certificates were delivered for the Ambassadors. It is planned that during the later meetings, the Ambassadors will be given the relevant information and there will be discussions of the activities that the Ambassadors will have already performed and the results they have achieved.

The international students are happy to have become the Ambassadors. They expect to develop leadership, organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills participating in the Programme.

The information about the Ambassadors and their contacts are provided on LSMU website. The Ambassadors think that now young people from foreign countries who are interested in studies at LSMU will have an excellent possibility to get all the information about the studies and the University from the current international students.