Conference 'Ethical Cells - Basic Units of Medical Life' organized by KIMSU at LSMU

The students studying at the Lithuanian University of Health Science (LSMU) had a great opportunity to participate in the conference ‘Ethical Cells – Basic Units of Medical Life’ which was organized by Kaunas International Medical Student Union (KIMSU) students and held in the University on 3 November. The conference is one of the international week events organized KIMSU. A warm greeting by Prof. Žilvinas Padaiga became the opening of the conference. According to the professor, the topic of the conference is extremely important in nowadays as ‘…life and death are both going somewhere near us all the time’. ‘First of all, I am so happy that you [students] do things yourself. You must know that whatever you do I will always support you and will be near to you’ – the professor said very warm words to the students who gathered in Prof. Lašas auditorium. According to Prof. Žilvinas Padaiga, ‘There are so many patterns of an ethical aspect to talk about; therefore, it is more than great that we came here to discuss this topic together’. Assoc. Prof. Eimantas Peičius made a presentation entitled ‘Patient Autonomy and Ethical Aspects of Euthanasia’. Assoc. Prof. Eimantas Peičius stressed that ‘Euthanasia, first of all, is not a legal or political issue, but ethical one’. The speaker noted that ‘…the health sector undergoes changes and the basic idea is that doctors need to respect a patient, because without this approach nothing will happen’. In the conference, scientist Povilas Kavaliauskas presented the results of his research as well as Frederik Deemter and Olga Rostkowska gave their presentations. The participants of the conference had a possibility to discuss patient rights, patient autonomy, changing role of a doctor and other important questions. The International Food Festival is the next event of this international week, organized by KIMSU, which will be held on 4 November. Moreover, all LSMU international students are invited to the historical celebration of the 25th anniversary of international studies at Kaunas State Drama Theatre on 6 November. 


Jurgita Miciulevičiūtė-Smeu
Public Relations Specialist
International Relations and Study Centre