Charity Activities by KIMSU

KIMSU (Kaunas International Medical Students' Union) initiated this annual project 2 years ago, when we heard about this clinic & orphanage Lopšelis, which houses more than 40 children under 6 years of age with genetic diseases. We wanted to do more charity work, and found that this would be a wonderful opportunity.

Every year we organise 2-3 bake sales before the Christmas holidays; this year we did 2. Around 10-15 students volunteered to make some food/desserts for each bake sale, and all together we raised approximately 1600 Lt from what we sold and also from monetary donations from many generous international students.

With this money, we bought many presents for these young kids, as well as much-needed supplies (such as medicines, baby wipes, diapers, etc.) for the orphanage in general.

We gift-wrapped the presents, and in mid-December a large group of us went to the orphanage to give the presents to the children (with one student dressed up as Santa Claus as a surprise!). We stayed for around 2 hours playing with the kids and enjoying our precious time with them.

We really work hard to make this event successful every year because charity is very important to us, especially when
we're talking about young kids. And we feel that the beauty of it is how all international students, regardless of race or gender or nationality or religion, come together in one way or another to help and do something good for others!


More photos find HERE.