50th Anniversary of Nuclear Medicine in Kaunas

The 50th anniversary of nuclear medicine (radionuclide diagnostics) was commemorated in the grand hall of LSMU Clinic of Radiology on 11 November.

The solemn event started with the homage to the meritorious radiologists and was hosted by the President of the Lithuanian Association of Radiologists, Prof. Algidas Basevičius. During the congratulatory speeches it was stressed that at present the Clinic of Radiology of the LSMU Academy of Medicine is the largest and most modern unit of radiological diagnostics in Lithuania, where all the Lithuanian residents can be examined professionally.

The specialists of top qualification, professors, associate professors, and doctors of medicine are the ones to examine and consult the patients in the clinic. At present the Clinic of Radiology has more than 200 employees: 98 radiologists and echoscopy specialists, 46 residents, and 80 radiologic technologists and nursing specialists. In the clinic, more than 30 professors, associate professors, and doctors of medicine comprise teaching staff.

Today the Clinic of Radiology is supplied with the up-to-date diagnostic equipment and is one of the leading-edge clinics in Lithuania. At the end of 1997, MRI and spiral CT scanners were introduced. The only rotating gamma camera in Lithuania that allows acquiring SPECT images has been operating in the Clinic since 1999. One of the most state-of-the-art devices in Lithuania – a 16-slice CT scanner – has been used in the Clinic since 2004. In 2010, a 64-slice CT scanner was acquired. 

Radiological tests may be carried out at any time of the day, as 3 radiologists and 2 residents in radiology are always on duty. Interventional radiologists stay on duty at home. Therefore, if needed, not only diagnostic, but also interventional radiology treatment procedures can be provided at any time of the day.


 Džiuljeta Kulvietienė