Trial databases

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AccessPharmacy (trial ends 4 June, 2017).

AccessPharmacy from McGraw-Hill Medical is designed to meet the changing demands of pharmacy education and practice today. This curricular resource for pharmacy education includes curriculum topics, organ systems, textbooks, drug monographs, lab tests, calculators, videos, case studies, and more. Access is available from LSMU computer network, EZproxy.

More about AccessPharmacy (video tutorial).


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Lippincott Procedures (trial ends 31 May, 2017). 

Lippincott Procedures provides real-time access to step-by-step guides for over 1,700 evidence-based procedures and skills in the fields of nursing, respiratory therapy, intensive therapy, physical therapy. Access is available from LSMU computer network, EZproxy.


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Ovid Emcare (trial ends 31 May, 2017).

Ovid Emcare, produced by Elsevier, covers all nursing specialties and nursing healthcare professions. Emcare includes international coverage of allied health, education and training, development and management, midwifery, health and healthcare economics, clinical medical and healthcare social work, psychiatry and mental health, and traumatology, emergency and critical-care medicine. Ovid Emcare includes unique content not found in other nursing and allied health databases and features more than a thousand journals not covered by Elsevier’s Embase database. Access is available from LSMU computer networkEZproxy.

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VisualDx (trial ends 31 May, 2017).

VisualDx (via Ovid) is an award-winning diagnostic clinical decision support system designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy, aid therapeutic decisions, and improve patient safety.  Quickly search by diagnosis, build a patient-specific differential, or review travel or medication-related events at the point of care. Access is available from LSMU computer networkEZproxy. 


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LWW Health Library (Integrated Basic Sciences Premium Collection). Trial ends 31 May, 2017.

In addition to textbooks, the Health Library platform also offers a variety of other assets including videos and audios, self-assessments, cases, and clinical skills as well as links to other resources. The videos and audios include both live and animated segments. Access is available from LSMU computer networkEZproxy.


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StatRef: Primal 3D Atlas of Human Anatomy (trial ends 5 May, 2017).

Primal 3D Atlas of Human Anatomy provides access to the ultimate online 3D anatomy teaching resource, reference and revision aid for students. View the body both regionally and systemically with intuitive, interactive functions that allow you to rotate any anatomical view 360, add/remove layers of anatomy and label any visible structure. Clicking on a structure will bring up detailed related text that includes links to dissection slides, illustrations, video clips, MRI and animations. Access is available from LSMU computer networkEZproxy.

Primal 3D Atlas of Human Anatomy (user guide).

More about Primal 3D Atlas of Human Anatomy (video tutorial).

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Scriver's OMMBID (trial ends 1 May, 2017) 

Scriver's OMMBID (from McGraw-Hill Medical) is an essential online resource delivering comprehensive coverage of the genes and genetic mechanisms underlying human disease states. Based on the world’s most respected book on the subject, Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease, Scriver's OMMBID is an indispensable digital reference tool that provides geneticists, researchers, students, clinicians, and fellows involved with the causation and treatment of inherited diseases with cutting-edge information spanning the entire field of genetics. It also provides exclusive texts and high-quality full/color images. Access is available from LSMU computer network, EZproxy.


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De Gruyter (trial ends June 30, 2017).

De Gruyter E-Journals cover over 1600 journals in the fields of life sciences (164), medicine (135), chemistry, computer science, economics, engineering, history, law, mathematics, architecture and design, music and physics. Access is available from LSMU computer network, EZproxy.


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Pediatric Neurology Briefs

PNB is the leading monthly journal review focusing on child neurology. The editors provide detailed monthly summaries of published articles, followed by commentaries based on their experience and corroborated by appropriate supplementary citations. Pediatric Neurology Briefs provides pediatric neurologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, pediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, educators and other health professionals with a detailed reference guide to the diagnosis, etiology, pathology, treatment and prognosis of nervous diseases of infants, children and adolescents.

Access is available from LSMU computer network, LSMU Library VPN, EZproxy.