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About Library and Information Centre

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LSMU Library and Information Centre

Address: Eivenių str.6, LT-50162, Kaunas, Lithuania
Phone: +370 37 396045
Phone./fax.: +370 37 396042
E-mail inform@lsmuni.lt






Working hours

LSMU Library and Information Centre: I 7:30–00.00, II–V 00:00–24.00, VI 00.00–6.00 and 10:00–22:00, VII - 10.00–22.00*.
Veterinary Academy Library: I–V 8:00–20:00, VI 10:00–18:00.
(Veterinary Academy of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences: Tilžės str. 18, LT-47181, Kaunas)
*Library staff prepares library premises for closing 15 min to the end of working hours.
Working hours during summer holidays (in July-August): IV - 8.0017.00.
The Library is closed during national holidays (a day before national holiday the Library is closed for visitors 1 hour earlier than on usual working day).