Erasmus is a student exchange scheme intended to support student mobility for studies and traineeships.

The Erasmus programme gives you the possibilities:

-          to see more of the world, to meet new people from the host country and other countries;

-          to develop foreign language skills;

-          to experience your course in a different culture;

-          to enrich the period of your studies with a new perspective on your subject, whilst gaining transferable professional skills and experiences;

-          to give your CV an international dimension;

-          to have better chances while looking for a job in the future;

-          to become more independent, to grow as a person.


Erasmus enables the students to study for typically one or two semesters in one of the LSMU partner institutions in Europe as part of student‘s degree.



Erasmus is open for all, Lithuanian and international students (bot, EU nationals and non-EU nationals) registered and enrolled in a full-time study programme at LSMU.

You are eligible to do your Erasmus exchange if you have finished your first year of undergraduate study.

If you are in the higher year of studies, you should have successfully completed the previous years of studies to be nominated for Erasmus exchange.



Students can go abroad for min. 3 to max. 12 months within one academic year.

The same student may receive grants for studies (including the Erasmus traineeship period, if planned) totalling up to 12 months per each cycle of study (bachelor, master, doctoral).

Students enrolled in integrated study programmes (Medicine, Odontology, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine) may do Erasmus exchanges totalling up to 24 months (including the Erasmus placement period).



The countries, which are participating in the Erasmus programme are 28 EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey and Macedonia.

Switzerland participates in Erasmus programme activities as a partner country. An Erasmus grant for incoming students is be paid by the host university in Switzerland. Grant rate: 420 CHF/month (approx. 390 EUR/month).

The Erasmus mobility is carried out in the framework of inter-institutional agreements between partner universities. Erasmus exchange possibilities are depending on your study programme and faculty in which you are enrolled.

The partnerships which have been established between LSMU and European universities could be checked on the LSMU web page:



Step 1: Find out where you can study in your subject area and how many places are available at your chosen university. There are a limited number of places available per institution, so keep a second choice in mind!

Step 2: Make investigation of the courses and modules offered at the foreign universities and prove their compatibility to LSMU study courses and modules.

Step 3: Wait for Erasmus call and apply for Erasmus studies at LSMU! 

Usually Erasmus selection for the next academic year starts in March and would be announced by the LSMU Division of Academic Mobility. Additional Erasmus selection could be organized in September in case there are free places for the spring semester. 

-   Complete your Erasmus student application form on-line before the deadline:

-   Make a proof of your foreign language skills;

-    Participate in the Erasmus interview and show your motivation and ability to go for Erasmus exchange.

The main Erasmus selection criteria:

-     Academic achievements at LSMU (minimum average of grades - 7);

-    The compatibility of the study programmes at LSMU and host university;  

-     Foreign language skills (Language of instruction at the host university);

-     Motivation and communication skills.

The final score is calculated according to the formula:

Final score = GPA* (60 per cent) + motivation (30 per cent) + communication skills (10 per cent)

The additional selection criteria and points:

-   The compatibility of the study programmes at LSMU and host university – 0.3 point (point is given only in case if the student has completed the part 'Study plan' at the host university in his/her the application until the deadline of application submission to the DreamApply system. The courses should be selected based on the evaluation of the study courses at the host university and at LSMU and should be suitable for his/her exchange period.);

-    Active participation in the Erasmus mentorship programme – 0.5 point (point given for the student who has undertaken mentoring activity for at least 2 semesters at LSMU);

-     First-time Erasmus study mobility – 0.3 point;

-     Erasmus mobility to other country as the country of origin – 0.3 point.

Additional points are be added to the final score of the selection. Based on the final score, students are ranked in the competition to get an Erasmus grant for studies.


All students nominated for Erasmus study mobility are eligible for an Erasmus grant. Erasmus grant is intended as a contribution to assist you with any extra travel and subsistence costs while you are studying and living abroad.

The amount of grant you will receive depends on the Erasmus host country and duration of Erasmus exchange period. Grant levels are determined by National Agency each year.

Grant rates for academic year 2017/2018




Grant rate

EUR/ month


Austria, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway, France, Finland, Sweden



Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Turkey, Germany



Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Poland,  Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary



NEW! In order to ensure the equal Erasmus exchange possibilities for students from different faculties, LSMU introduced  faculty quotas for an Erasmus grant based on the total numbers of students in all LSMU faculties (dated 1 January 2017):

Faculty of Medicine – 38 per cent;
Faculty of Odontology – 12 per cent;
Faculty of Pharmacy – 9 per cent;
Faculty of Nursing – 12 per cent;
Faculty of Public Health – 6 per cent;
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – 20 per cent;
Faculty of Animal Husbandry –  4 per cent.

Student will be ranked in the competition for an Erasmus grant within his/her faculty.

Special needs support. 
Erasmus provides extra funding for students with disabilities.  


Erasmus students are exempted from paying fees for tuition at the host institution. But they still need to pay full tuition fees at LSMU while studying abroad.  You simply continue with your current payment plan at LSMU.


LSMU and partner institutions use the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) as a tool for the recognition of study achievements and learning experiences between different institutions.

 You are expected to attend classes and to participate in assessments for all courses, as required by the host university. You should achieve 60 ECTS credits per year (30 ECTS credits per semester) at the host institution.


Each Erasmus exchange student has the right of full recognition of courses passed successfully abroad by LSMU. If you pass all assessments in the host university the credits you gain will count towards your degree at LSMU.

The grades achieved at the host university are not converted onto LSMU grades. LSMU recognizes the grades given in local grading scale of the host university.



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