Student Card

  • ISIC

Your national Student Card is unrecognizable in Lithuania. In order to get students’ discounts, you should get an ISIC (International Student Identity Card).

If you are leaving to study or perform your practice abroad soon, please ensure there is enough time to deliver your card before you leave. Ordering your card online takes 3-4 weeks for delivery depending on the postal system in your country.

Alternatively, if you have limited time, you can order your card in Kaunas. You need to bring a certificate which proves your studies at LSMU with you. Please ask your coordinator at the international office to issue this document.

The card costs 9 EUR.

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  • ESNCard

The ESNcard is the membership card of ESN which means that you can access to all the services offered by the ESN and its partners.

With the ESNcard, you will enjoy thousands of discounts (housing, sports, food, bars, etc.) all over Europe. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to participate in thousands of events (trips, cultural events, sports activities and parties) all year long.

The aim of the ESNcard is to support and give opportunities to international students during and after their exchange.

The card costs 7 EUR.

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