Kaunas International Medical Student Union (KIMSU) is a non-profit student organisation. At KIMSU, we are committed towards making sure that every student's voice is heard, regardless of the language they speak. Celebrating its fifth year of being, KIMSU has worked together with LSMU to create a multicultural platform for international students to unite diverse ideas.

At KIMSU, we focus on equality, education and entertainment for every international student that has made Kaunas their second home. 

Our student organisation has seven different committees that focus on seven different goals: Academics, Charity, Entertainment, Science, Sports, Merchandise and Public Relations. We work together to create events such as conferences, parties, workshops, charity, sports tournaments and events to raise money for orphanages in Lithuania.

 Current President: Mobby Elizabeth Mathew


Current Vice President: Jinita Udani

The academic committee of KIMSU provides students help with all upcoming problems/issues regarding their studies. Furthermore, it also helps establish a better study environment by collecting feed-back from the students to improve study conditions (ordering new books, recommend and implement new policies).

We currently work with the international office as well as the Lithuanian student body.

 Head of committee: Viola Adam, Vio.ad@hotmail.de

The K.I.M.S.U. Charity Department engages in various benevolent projects in and around Kaunas. Our fundraising events, as well as our student work force, enable us to support orphanages and schools for children with special needs, among others. Additionally, we take it upon ourselves to engage the international community in university life, by celebrating our numerous different cultural backgrounds in festivities such as the Annual International Food Festival. Of course, all profits benefit our charitable projects.

 Head of committee: Nuria Wülfinghoff, nuriawuelfinghoff@gmail.com

The AveVita committee ensures the publication of events that include the active participation of international students at LSMU in the University's newspaper Ave Vita. We cover projects organised and conducted by KIMSU such as workshops, conferences, sports tournaments and charity events. Photographs are always included with the corresponding article. We also encourage talented artists, poets and writers, both professional and amateur, by publishing their work in an 'Art's Corner'.

 Editors: Mobby Elizabeth Mathew, Kim Thomas

The Science Committee mainly works towards expanding student knowledge in various fields of medicine. We aim to create events and opportunities for students that help them improve their dexterity, knowledge and skills through workshops and conferences. Our work principally focuses on medical subjects such as medical ethics and basic life support.

 Head of committee: Abhiyaan Malhotra, Abhiyaan.kapoor@gmail.com

In the Sports committee, we try to provide all forms of competitive physical activity or games. Through organised participation, we aim to use, maintain and improve physical ability and skills while providing entertainment to both participants and spectators. Our sports range from team sports Football, Basketball, and Volleyball to individual efforts that include badminton, tennis, swimming etc.

 Head of committee: Hytham Dafalla, Hytham.dafalla@gmail.com

The merchandise committee is the newly formed section of KIMSU, which provide goods for different events throughout the year. Our main project is to provide the student body with our most popular merchandise, which is the KIMSU hoodies. We hope to expand our work by providing more variety of products to the growing demands of our students.

 Head of committee: Madeline Elsheikh, elsheikh.madeline@gmail.com

The Public Relations committee is responsible for promoting academic, scientific and recreational events related to the studentship of LSMU, as well as KIMSU itself. Furthermore, members of the PR committee are involved with creating graphic designs for advertising purposes. Additionally, we observe university webpages and inform the student body with reports.

 Head of committee: Wesley Friedrich, wesleymfriedrich@gmail.com

The entertainment committee is responsible for organising events to improve the student life in Kaunas. In the previous year, we have run several successful projects including the international fresher’s camp where international students partook in various extracurricular and team building activities.

 Heads of committee: Debbie Studer, studerd@gmx.ch; Gabrielė Tvaskutė, gtvaskus@gmail.com


For all queries please feel free to write to us at kimsurepresentatives@gmail.com 
You can also drop us a message on our webpage https://www.facebook.com/kimsukaunas/