How to be granted an academic leave?

Academic leave can be granted due to:

  • Medical/health problems;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Paternity/maternity.

Academic leave may be granted to the person at any time of the academic year, but no more than three times during the period of his/her studies.
You have to submit the request to the dean of the faculty to renew the studies not later than 10 working days before the end of the period of academic leave.
You are allowed to repeat the subjects and to complete academic failures during the academic leave.

Submitting a request in LSMUSIS

  • Log in
  • Go ‘Applications’; ‘Academic leave’; ‘Submit a new request’;
  • Choose a specific form of the request Regarding Granting an Academic Leave due to...;
  • Fill in the request by specifying the dates and reasons for your request;
  • If your circumstances require proving documentation, attach the copies by clicking the button ‘select the file’ (card of transferred subjects; health certificate; birth certificate; death certificate)
  • Click  ‘Submit’;

Watch the condition of your request

  • ‘Preparing’ – the request is not submitted, students can edit their request. When the request is ready, it is necessary to click ‘Submit’;
  • ‘Submitted’ – the process of approving the request has started and all the responsible departments are able to see it;
  • ‘Approved by the...’ – request is being carried out by the responsible department or person;
  • ‘Preparing order’ – the order is being formed from the approved request;
  • ‘Satisfied’ – the request has been satisfied;

‘Rejected’ or ‘Returned for repair’ – look for the explanation in the mediation part or the comment below your request.