Degree Studies

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International students may apply to the following study programmes:

Programme  Duration of Studies  Language of Instruction Annual Tuition
Fee (EUR)
Degree and Qualification
Integrated studies        
Medicine 6 years EN 11,500 Master of Medicine, Physician
Odontology (Dentistry) 5 years EN 12,500 Master of Odontology, Odontologist 
Pharmacy 5 years EN 6,000 Master of Pharmacy, Pharmacist
Veterinary Medicine   6 years EN 7,000 Master of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Surgeon
Bachelor's studies         
Nursing  4 years  EN 4,200 Bachelor of Nursing, General Practice Nurse
Occupational Therapy 4 years EN 4,500 Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Master's studies        
Public Health  2 years EN 4,200 Master of Public Health (MPH)
Lifestyle Medicine 1.5 years EN 7,000* Master of Public Health (MPH)
Advanced Nursing Practice 2 years EN 4,500 Master of Nursing
Food Sciences 2 years EN 3,500 Master of Food Science
Animal Husbandry Technology 2 years EN 3,000 Master of Veterinary Medicine

* The tuition fee for the Lifestyle Medicine degree programme is divided as follows:
      4,000 EUR for semester 1;
      3,000 EUR for semester 2;
      3,000 EUR for semester 3.

The language of instruction is English.